It’s Not Picasso — But A Pop Art Simulation


A Clinton Hill artist couple is giving Picasso a do-over. Here, Picasso’s “The Dream” (left, in case you didn’t know) gets the Pop Art treatment.
Married artists Phillip Martin and Theresa O’Neill are “remixing” Picasso.
The original Modern artist is getting the Pop Art treatment by Brand US, which is what Mr. Martin and Ms. O’Neill call their Clinton Hill apartment and gallery space, which will host a 12- to 16-painting show of their reimagined Picassos starting on May 5.
So the great painter’s “The Yellow Pullover” has become “The Yellow Do-Over”; his “Portrait of Madame H.P.” is now “Portrait of M.E.,” named after the couple’s friend, Marianna Eyzerovich.
And in Brand US’s hands, Picasso’s “The Dream,” his famed portrait of mistress Marie-Thérèse Walterérèse_Walter, becomes “The Dream — After Picasso,” which looks like the original — if it had been silkscreened by Andy Warhol and then redrawn by Keith Haring.
For Brand US, giving Picasso a do-over isn’t just about copying or paying homage to the greatest artist of the 20th century. It’s about being an artist today.
“As an artist, Picasso is the door that you have to walk through, and it’s the work that you have to process,” Ms. O’Neill said.
Processing Picasso, however, is not an easy process, added Mr. Martin.
“It’s a really crazy, surreal door to walk through,” he said. “There was that initial, ‘What if we mess up?’ and then we let go of that and said, ‘Let’s attack, and try to make something beautiful.’”
Brand US is expecting to show between 12 and 16 paintings for “Heads Up,” priced from $200 to $15,000. A few smaller, panel-sized pieces will be priced at around $20.
“We try to make it so there’s a place for everyone,” Ms. O’Neill said. “Not everyone can have everything, but we try to make work available.”
Opening reception for “Heads Up,” Brand US, 503 Clinton Avenue between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue, May 5, 7 p.m.–10 p.m. Free. For info, visit