Pop Art is the new black this Spring

Pavli Medvedova

 Every magazine has its own way of introducing the trends we should keep our fashionable focus on. I usually can’t really get my head around it and get pretty confused. So I try to stick to one source that gets my inspiration going and then let the magic happen.

 According to Style.com there are 5 main Spring Trends for 2014 we should keep an eye on.

 The one that gets me excited is all about bold art. Spring is the time of the year, when we stop wearing comfortable pieces in black, grey or brown and start thinking about colors, designs, skirts and sunglasses to get us through those warm sunny days.

 We definitely have plenty of artistic designs to look forward to. Designers wanted to be like Picasso and introduced collections with a fine-art spin for the coming season. There was Karl Lagerfeld and his Pantone-streaked dresses at Chanel, Prada introduces designs with images from political street muralists, and Louis Vuitton opened his show with Edie Campbell covered in graffiti.

 I personally can’t wait to get some of the artistic pieces especially knee-length skirts and dresses.

  There is a saying that a trend is not a trend until it’s worn on the street. Will you be wearing this art-inspired trend?