Pop décor

Serious home decor and interior expressions make your space look dull, a bit too formal or sans an identity. There is nothing wrong in it, if that’s your style; but not all rooms need to look the same. To break the monotony, add some fun pop art elements on walls, furniture and furnishings to liven

up your space. Artist Sumit Mehndiratta, who paints pop art designs on home décor items and other products, says, “Pop art is meant to stand out on its own. So, a piece of pop art can surely brighten up any modern or contemporary living space.”

Pop decor is also a fun way to use your home interiors to represent a distinct character.
Expanding on pop art movement of the ’50s and ’60s, most designers are using bold and figurative graphics, making them suitable for contemporary architectural spaces.
Interior designer Ankush Aggarwal of Ansa Interiors, says, “You can choose to add pop art with a range of products, such as cushions, wall colours, decor accessories, lights, bed covers, rugs, paintings, graphics, printed mirrors or furniture finishes like vinyls.”

Pop art is bright and colourful, and activates a space, hence it’s best to use it in high activity areas, such as living room, lounge or entertainment areas. You can also get the walls painted in a pop art expression, or add a pop art installation in an empty corner to spice up any home area.

Giving your home the much-needed pop art punch can be a bit tricky, if you are a novice decorator. The bold colours and figures must blend well, or else they can have a devastating effect. The room can look like a messed up colour palette, if the contrasting colours do not harmonise. Start with adding a painting or a few accessories or take professional help. But if you’re well-versed with the effects of colours, then let your home be your canvas.